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Welcome to the W3ii advertising page.

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W3ii is a popular Web tutorial site, there are about 500 kinds of tutorials. We hope that people can learn programming more easily.

W3ii is read by thousands of readers every day and most of them come from search engines, and all over the world.

We have started advertising here at W3ii keeping in mind the industry rates and the maximum Return on Investment. After all, this is what you are looking for, right?

Following are our stats as on 1th March, 2017

Alexa Rank – 54,127

Domain Authority – 21/100

Unique Users - 8000

Page Views per day - 29000

Average visits per month – 1,776,940



Here’s the advertising cost per month at W3ii

Size Placing Price
728 * 90 A. before Page title $800 / month
160 * 600 B. sidebar $600 / month
160 * 600 C. sidebar $600 / month
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300 * 250 E.  page right bottom $400 / month


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Guidelines and Rules

1. Ads from this site niche will be given preference than other niche ads.

2. Currency is USD only.

3. Gambling and pornography are not allowed.

4. One month = from date to date i.e. 28 Feb to 28 Mar. 31 Jul to 31 Aug.